Bazqet Europe

Bazqet is the brand of a new company that builds on quite some years of experience with responsible snacks in the Netherlands.

By the end of 2022, Bazqet launches improved versions of the rice chips. Next we are testing the markets for Bazqet Mini.

Bazqet products will soon also be available in Germany

In the Benelux Bazqet is distributor of the well known Rocky Rice bars.

Bazqet Brown Rice Chips, smaken BBQ Ketchup Paprika Pepper Vegan en Vegetarisch


Serve consumers with tasty, responsible products, Cheerfully presented and affordable. Responsible in every possible way: meet the needs of a healthy diet. But also take care of how products are made, what ingredients are used how they impact planet and people.

As a result, Bazqet products are low calorie and often gluten free, vegan or both. As a result most meet the needs of consumers with specific preferences or needs.

mr B. takes pride in partnerships with reliable SME suppliers across Europe. Companies that prove with dedication and resolve they can serve a world market with innovative products backed by the right qualifications and certifications.

Bazqet products come in family packs and formats suitable for food service and vending machines.

Bazqet Mr B. mand