About Bazqet

Bazqet offers delicious and responsible bites. Treats or light meal replacements for everyone at any time of the day. 

There are many ways to make a bite a responsible alternative to serve as a light meal or addition to your daily diet. Reduced calories to start with, less addtives and agents. Definitely vegetarian, sometimes vegan, often gluten free or organic when we feel it makes sense. Bazqet promotes a movement rather than a single solution. Mr. B himself is always on the move looking for the next step and invites his fans to join in on his quest towards a tasty but balanced diet.

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This way Bazqet aims at meeting the needs of a and increasing group of conscious consumers. Many feel puzzled by an increasing abundancy of health claims that are hard to judge. Bazqet takes a more pragmatic and honest approach based on common sense. Bazqet puts taste first and looks for products that are unique to the market and accessible to consumers of all ages.

Mr B. continuously fill his bazqet with new treats  and innovative recipes. To that end he travels about and engages with  creative small an medium sized manufacuters across Europe. Bazqet bnaks on their creativity or to embark on collaborative innovation. The way Bazqet consumers are secured of a dynamic and responsible choice that develops over time with latest insights on food and nutition.

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    Bazqet BV
    Nieuwe Hemweg 2

    1013 BG Amsterdam

    Tel. +31 20 260 2256

    B. part of it! 
    Bazqet is growing. Also outside The Netherlands. Mr. B. would like to be present in all possible channels to meet as many of his fans as possible.

    Interested? Could you suggest possible trading channels or wholesalers you think we should meet? Give us a call or mail me.

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