Crunchies  naturally delicious

Bazqet crunchies are fully natural dried fruit and vegetables. Mildly dried at low temperature and stabilized by means of a innovative technology. No additives! No sulphites, sugar or salt – just pure fruit or vegetables. Organic and glutenfree. Intense taste, crunchy bite. Carefully selected, freshly processed and hand cut. Not frozen or fried. And raw, because of the slow drying process at low temperature.

Bazqet crunchies fit a healthy diet and life style. Gluten free, lactose free, rich in fiber and nutrients. Attractive packaging with a sustainable focus: a thins film for maximum shelf life and a renewable cardboard wrap for protection and information. In short: nice ‘n wise!

Bazqet Dried Crunchy Mango, Organic

Naturally dried mango crunch. Organic. Carefully selected and hand processed. A healthy bite. This tropical fruit is rich in fiber, antioxidants and source of iron.

One pack holds 200 g fresh products. This is one big mango fruit! and still just 70 kcal!

Bazqet Dried Crunchy Apple, Organic

Organic apple crunch of Austrian origin.

One pack equals 200g fresh product. Which is at least 1 Big Apple – with skin of course – to preserve valuable nutrients. And still just 70 kcal!

Bazqet Dried Crunchy Tomato, Organic

Tasty tomato crunch. Organic. Carefully produced and processed in slices. As a healthy bite, with drink or to season your salad. These tomatoes are rich in fiber and nutrients.

One packet holds 2 large tomatoes, or 350 g of fresh product and still contains just 62 kcal!

Bazqet Dried Crunchy Sweet Pepper, Organic

Unbelievable crunchy chunks of organic sweet pepper. Intense taste, savory, slightly sour and still sweet! Exactly what you would expect from a good pepper. Source of vitamin C.

One pack holds 2 large pepper, or 300 g fresh product! with just 58 kcal !

Bazqet Food Service Mix

A mix of crunchy dried vegetables. Pumpkin, beetroot, sweet pepper and tomato. Nice ‘n wise: a healthy bit with a drink or to season your salad.

In 500 g or 1 kilo bags, or 250 g bucket.

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