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‘In Bazqet, I collect unique, delicious, outstanding and authentic bites – a generous supplement to your daily diet, or just to indulge of course.

I specifically observe calorie intake and avoid unnecessary additives whenever I can. All products are vegetarian and most gluten free as well. I hardly ever add sugar – a tiny bit at most. I admit – and I am honest about that.’

Bazqet goes organic now and then, if it adds to quality and makes sense. These are market by the green EKO logo. To that end Bazqet is SKAL certified.

‘With my focus on Bazqet, I sometimes work with other suppliers to widen my offer. Such products I call Bazqet Approved.’

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Bazqet products


As organic crunchy fruit and vegetables I offer naturally dried products stuffed with vitamins and antioxidants. Wow! What a fantastic 100% natural product! And organic too!


Popcorn can be great, but is generally sweetened with sugar or often savory with salt and spices. Our choice is sweetened with honey or flavored with cheese and sea salt. This way, popcorn is made nice ‘n wise. And GMO free of course.


With double the love and care! 2 mini cereal bars conveniently packed in in one wrap! Great taste – few calories! Not only delicious but easy to share as well. Indulgent and made with care. Every taste has its charm.

Oatmeal cookie

mr B.’s latest: delicious oatmeal cookies with chunks of real fruit and delicate spices. Wrapped per piece. Convenient to take with you or find on the go.

Bazqet Approved

From time to time Mr. B identifies little gems: promising products not yet available in our region. That fit our philosophy and style that deserve a chance with a brand we endorse as Bazqet Approved.

Rocky Rice

These bars are well received. A rice cake in the shape of a bar, fully enrobed in chocolate. Indulging and yet low calorie. Gluten free. Now available in 7 flavors! Convenient on the go or enjoy at home!

Rocky Rice Choco Choco Milk reep

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    Bazqet is growing. Also outside The Netherlands. Mr. B. would like to be present in all possible channels to meet as many of his fans as possible.

    Interested? Could you suggest possible trading channels or wholesalers you think we should meet? Give us a call or mail me.

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